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Box Surgery

In light of the Coronavirus we have suspended online booking of appointments until further notice.

If you need a routine or same day appointment, please phone the surgery.

Please be aware that we are very busy and the next routine appointment may be two to three weeks away.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.




To make an appointment with a Doctor, please telephone 01225 743763. We encourage patients to see the Doctor of their choice; however this may involve a delay. It may be preferable to ask the reception staff for the first available appointment with another Doctor.


You can also now book routine (non-urgent) appointments with a Doctor online. Please click on the icon below and follow the instructions.


Before you can use this system, you will need to come to the surgery, with photo ID, and request a username and password. You must attend in person to collect this as we are unable to give passwords over the telephone for security reasons. You can use the same password that you use for repeat prescription requesting.


If you are in need of urgent medical advice, please telephone on 01225 742361. If the Surgery is closed, a recorded message will tell you the Emergency Number to ring.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know - someone else may need it.


Please arrive on time for your appointment, but be prepared to wait. Whilst every effort is made to keep to appointment times, emergencies do occur which may cause us to run late. Also unlike other professionals we are unable to anticipate the length of a patient's visit. We endeavour to inform patients if there is a delay.


Colerne 'The Firs' Surgery: 


Please telephone 01225 743600 during Surgery hours or Box Surgery to make an appointment. 




Click on this image to make or cancel your appointment online





About our appointments


Our standard GP appointment length is 10 minutes


●      This is in line with common practice throughout the NHS.

●       In most cases, we will be able to deal with only one problem during this 10 minute appointment.


What to do if you have more than one problem


●     You can book double-appointments if you have a second problem you would like to discuss.

●      Please be prepared to be asked to make an additional appointment if the GP feels unable to deal with your problem safely within the allocated appointment.


Please help us to help all our patients


●      The GP has to balance caring for you as an individual patient with all the other patients who need to be seen.

●     Having to deal with more than one problem in 10 minutes can mean that the GP is not able to give each of your problems the careful attention they require and may not enable them to help you as much as they would like to.

●   Please be patient if your GP is late - it usually means they have been working hard dealing with sick patients with urgent problems that cannot wait and require more time to care for.

●     We have to balance our patients’ needs, so by limiting appointments to 10 minutes means we can offer more appointments to more patients.


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