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Box Surgery

Reception Information


Why our Receptionists ask for certain information.


To enable our Receptionists to book you an appointment with the appropriate person, they are trained to ask you details about why you want to see the GP/Nurse.


If you are able to provide our staff with comprehensive answers to their questions, it will assist them in booking you the correct appointment.  It is more time effective for you and for them.  You may be directed to the Triage nurse, rather than a GP, if they feel that they can deal with your problem more quickly and effectively.


Violence or verbal abuse is completely unacceptable and may result in you being asked to register elsewhere.



Non Attendance 


If you are unable to attend for your appointment, please could you telephone the surgery on 01225 743763 and let us know.  The appointment slot could be offered to another patient.


Every month we have a large amount of clinical time wasted through non attendance.



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