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Box Surgery & The Firs Surgery

Chippenham, Corsham & Box Primary Care Network (PCN)

PCN stands for Primary Care Network and is a way of looking at the ways we work as a group. Our PCN is The Chippenham, Corsham and Box Primary Care Network, or CCB PCN for short.

Our PCN includes, Box Surgery, Rowden Surgery, Hathaway Surgery, Lodge Surgery and Porch Surgery.

What does a PCN do?

The purpose is to smooth the transitions between other local services. It should make it easier for us to work with other local providers, both for us (the surgery) and for you (the patient).

We also have Shared Administration and support each other in some paperwork and support each other in our work.

Some examples of how us working better together include:

  • We established a Vaccination Hub at Rowden Surgery in Chippenham to vaccinate many thousands of our patients against COVID during the pandemic.
  • We have an Urgent Care Centre at New Road Surgery in Chippenham to improve access for our patients who need same-day urgent care.
  • We have created a “Living Well Team” to improve how we provide non-medical care to our more isolated and vulnerable patients.
  • Our “First-Contact Physiotherapists” who can see our patients quickly and without the need for a GP referral.
  • Our PCN Pharmacists can provide expert advice to both professionals and patients across the PCN.

What does Shared Administration mean?

These changes mean that we need to access our patients’ notes from the other local GP surgeries and from our PCN offices.  This is known as “shared administration”.  Being able to share access to your medical notes in this way also gives us the ability to work from other premises in the event of a major incident e.g. a fire, that would prevent us from using our own surgery.

To do this, we need to ask your permission for shared access to your medical records.  Please be assured that that anyone accessing your medical records will be following the same strict rules on confidentiality that are followed at our own surgery.

What if I don’t want to?

It is, of course, possible to opt out of shared administration.  However, this will restrict how we are able to provide care for you and we urge you to speak to a member of our practice team about your concerns before choosing this option.

Please complete this form and return to the surgery via email [boxsurgery@nhs.net] or drop into reception.

Date published: 24th November, 2021
Date last updated: 15th November, 2023