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Prescription Duration and Holiday Requests

Prescription Duration

It is our practice policy to routinely issue repeat medication in increments of up to 56 days’ supply. During the pandemic, this advice was adopted from national guidance set out so as not to destabilise the national supply chain, as well as reducing footfall to pharmacies. For some medicines such as controlled drugs (CDs) legally, we are limited to 28-day supplies. Other drugs which require close safety monitoring we may also limit to 28-day supplies for this reason.

Should you wish to have your medication issued solely in 28-day increments, please contact a member of our Prescriptions team who will action this for you.

In some cases, following discussion with you, we may restrict your supply to seven-day prescriptions if you are at risk of harming yourself.

If you fail to respond to requests to attend for routine monitoring or clinical review, we may reduce the quantity per issue you are prescribed for safety reasons.


Holiday Requests

If you are travelling away before your next prescription is due, we may be able to issue you a further 28 day supply ahead of your due date. If you are leaving the country for more than three-months we would ask you, for safety reasons, to de-register with us and re-register in the country you are travelling in to enable your care and any monitoring to be safely undertaken where you are residing. Upon your return to the UK, you should contact us and re-register your care with us.

Date published: 28th July, 2023
Date last updated: 28th July, 2023