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Types of Medication

Repeat Medication – Once you are stable on a medication, a clinician will move this onto your repeat template should they wish you to continue with this on a regular basis.  You will be called for any routine monitoring as needed, and reviewed usually in your birth month however some medications may require more frequent monitoring. It is important your respond to any requests for monitoring or review, as delaying this may affect your ability to order your medication once it becomes ‘over review.’

Acute Medication – If you feel you require more of a medication which is not yet listed on your repeat, it is advisable in the first instance, to book a routine GP call to discuss this further. Requests for acute medication may not always be appropriate to be re-issued.

Over-the-Counter Medication – Following a consultation with NHS England in 2018, the government now advises practices to ask patients to purchase a number of medications, previously available on prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) to support self-care. This enables the NHS to better utilise its prescribing resources to support patient care. If you request a medicine which is available to treat your condition OTC, we would, in the first instance, ask you to purchase this from your pharmacy or supermarket.

Date published: 28th July, 2023
Date last updated: 28th July, 2023