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Box Surgery & The Firs Surgery

Electronic Referral Service

The majority of our referrals go electronically via the e-Referral service.

Referrals Management Service

Where possible we direct our Electronic Referral Service referrals through the Referrals Management Service at Southgate House in Devizes.  This is not a hospital or clinic and they will not be giving you your treatment.  The service is there to make your Electronic Referral Service experience a much easier and more personal one for you.  The service can help you choose where and when you can have your treatment and book an appointment with you whilst you are on the telephone.  If you have been referred via this service it will say so on the referral paperwork we send you.

Click here to go to NHS e-referral service

Date published: 20th October, 2020
Date last updated: 27th November, 2020